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home-for-lifeHow does your ‘home for life’ differ from your first home?

Our first home is always an exciting time. Lots of looking at houses and webpages, filling the fuel tank as you visit countless display homes, frustration with banks and lots of hair pulling time choosing colours that you know your husband will hate.

As time goes by you find the kids have left home and the place echoes as the dog breaks into the garbage bin at the other end of the house. You have also gotten to the stage where you know you want some new customised things that you don’t currently have. It’s time to get that dream home that you will spend the fun years of your life in. We call this your ‘home for life.’

Three big differences between your current home and your future ‘home for life’ include design input, higher quality and extra love.

Design input -Your first home is usually a case of tweaking an existing design or even just moving into a prebuilt home. In your ‘home for life’ you are much more aware of options because you have seen them, touched them, and smelled them. It maybe that you love the kitchen design in a friend’s house or something you see on a home show on television. Your home Fraser Coast for life will usually involve some good meaningful discussions with your builder on exactly what you want.

Higher quality- Your first home is usually driven by budget and you have to settle for what you can afford in the builders range of fittings. Your ‘home for life’ will have a lot more customised items to suit your particular needs or passions. The bathroom may have two high end sinks that will look
good in years’ times. Kitchens become a fun place for the cook with quality ovens and stainless steel appliances.

Extra love- your first home is usually where you rest your head and raise the kids. Your ‘home for life’ has quiet spaces, shared spaces, fun zones and even a demilitarised zone for the grand kids or on the other hand your very cherished furry friends. It looks and feels the way you want it to. It’s your safe place and a place with a big ‘man cave’ and of course comfort, echoing your personality that is a signature to your needs and pleasure. A freestanding bath to soak in after a long day or a gym to seek relief, even the pool, large or small to take that relaxing dip of “heaven”.

It is important to have a caring and experienced builder who understands how to make your vision possible when the time comes for you to create your ‘home for life’. Carefully planning and building your ‘home for life’ is what my husband Colin and I have been passionately doing for clients for decades. The client feedback and awards that we have received show that the final result is a wonderful feeling.

Feel free to call us or visit our webpage www.essentiallyresidential.com.au to start your journey on building your ‘home for life’.

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