The Australian Condition of Energy Efficient Building Homes

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When compared to the rest of the world, Australia has had relatively cheap energy costs.  Having annual bills of under $1,000, when the rest of the developed world  are dealing with costs over 4 times this rate, this has an influence on how Australian homes are built.

Energy prices affect how builders will build homes. For example, when considering how a home will be cooled they simply allow for enough air conditioning to cool a home of that size. When thinking of heating, they simply allow for enough heating in the home to keep it warm.

The problem is that energy costs in Australia have recently started climbing and the construction methods in Australia remain trapped in a time when energy was cheap.  There are hundreds of thousands of homes being built every year in Australia that do not even come close to fully considering how to better manage their own temperatures without the use of grid-fed heating or cooling.

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This “Australian Condition” of construction is hurting the home owner. The builder, the tradies, designers, architects, surveyors still receives their money for building your home Fraser Coast .  It is the unknowing new home owner is getting stung with a lifetime of excessive energy bills, that could have been easily avoided if more care was simply taken during the design and construct of the home. It is not a matter of spending more, simply spending smarter. Once that home is built, you’ve missed your best chance to have an efficient home.

Better Homes by Better Builders

Building an efficient home is not as difficult as it seems.  Owning an efficient home is much more affordable than project builders would like you to think. But it all comes down to having a clear and concise understanding of the design and construct process.

Once you understand how to design an a comfortable and efficient home, and know how to construct that home in an affordable manner, delivering homes that are 3-4 times more efficient for a standard home cost is very achievable.

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